The Contest

french fries.jpg

Once I was eating french fries with my best friend and I was jealous that she had more than me. So I said, “Hey let’s have a contest to see who can eat their french fries the fastest!” And so she started gobbling them all up and guess what I did? I didn’t eat a single one. I just sat there and watched till she had none. Then she looked at me and said, “I won, I won!” And I said, “Yes you did. But now you have no french fries.” And I started eating mine with this horrible smile on my face. And that’s when she started crying. “You’re so mean!” she said. And when I realized she was right, the french fries suddenly tasted terrible. And then I started to cry, too. I knew there were only two things I could do. I could point off in the distance and shout, “Look! An eagle!” and run away when she wasn’t looking. Or I could say I’m sorry. I opted for saying sorry and I also gave her half my french fries. And not only did they taste yummy again, I realized that life is a lot happier when everyone gets to have what they want together.
The End.

Jessica Kane