My Elevator

elevator final.jpg

Here’s a secret. I have an elevator in my body. Yup. And it takes me wherever I want to go. 

I press the button for the top floor to get good ideas.
I press the heart button when I want to feel love.
When I forget who I am, I press my center button. 
And when I forget where I am, I always press the ground floor.

But sometimes, I let other people press my buttons and this causes a lot of mayhem. Especially when other people press that one red button that sends me flying through my own roof.

It’s scary out there. Especially when I’m yelling for that same person to send me back to where I wanna be and they’ve already gone and can’t even hear me!

But the thing I’m realizing more and more about all this, is that other people aren’t even in my elevator. As far as I can tell, I’m the one here. Which means other people can’t really press my buttons. Only I can. So I guess the trick is remembering to take myself where I want to go, instead of where I don’t.

Jessica Kane