The Highest Leaves

giraffe final flat final.jpg

There was a giraffe who wanted some leaves he couldn't reach. Mind you, there were tons of other leaves he could reach. He was a giraffe after all. But he couldn't stop thinking about these out-of-reach leaves. And he also couldn't stop talking about these out-of-reach leaves with every giraffe who would stick around to listen.

“Would you stop thinking about leaves you can't reach and be happy with these leaves right here?”

“What makes you think they're any better anyhow?”

“You're going to drive yourself and the rest of us nuts!”

But the giraffe couldn't control his brain so he made himself some stilts.

When he walked into the village with them on, everyone was terrified. But the extra tall giraffe didn't care. He was too busy making a beeline to his tree.

Finally he was eye-to-eye with those higher leaves. The giraffe was drooling. “Ok,” he said. “Here I go.” And he started chomping.

After chomping for some time something made him look down. And when he did, he saw all his giraffe friends staring up with such longing. They looked so small down there. And they weren't even chomping like they always chomped. They were too busy wondering if maybe they were missing out. That maybe those higher leaves were better after all.

The giraffe on stilts began to feel sad. Not only because the higher leaves really weren't better than the others. And not only because his back was aching from being on stilts. But because he missed his friends. And so he tossed a bunch of leaves down to prove they tasted just the same, took off his stilts and began chomping the leaves he could reach without suffering. And he never wore his stilts again.

Jessica Kane