The Boy Who Befored His Daddy’s Ear

befored ear.jpg

Once upon a time, a little boy befored his daddy’s ear.

If you don’t know what it means to before something, it means to remove it and send it back to mother nature to the time it existed before it was born.

The little boy didn’t know exactly what he was doing because he just learned this magic. And so the daddy lost his ear until a year later, when it got born again. Which was a problem because the ear was really really small, like a newborn’s, but it was on the head of the daddy that was still daddy-sized. And all the people said, “Whoa, that daddy sure has a tiny ear!”

But the daddy tried to make it work. Which was hard sometimes, because from that tiny ear, he couldn’t understand words. He heard like a baby. So he laughed a lot when people spoke to him on that side because they sounded so funny. But thankfully most people understood what had happened and were ok with it. They just spoke to his bigger ear. And by the time enough years went by, his tiny ear grew up and everyone lived happilier ever after.

The end.

Jessica Kane