The Big Misunderstanding

big misunderstanding flat final with new paws.jpg

A penguin and a lion were waiting for the bus one day. The lion was going on and on about how sad he was. How he was tired of doing the same old thing day in and day out. The penguin was trying to help him. “You’ve got to appreciate what you have, Lion, instead of focusing on all the things you don’t.” And then, out of nowhere, the lion and the penguin were surrounded by official-looking people who assumed incorrectly that they’d escaped from the zoo. And the penguin and the lion were kidnapped.

They tried to explain to their captors that they had never ever lived in a zoo. That they had an apartment together and made their living selling crafts online. But the people didn’t believe them. And the zookeeper stripped them of their clothes and belongings and put them in a cage right next to the elephants and rhinos.

The lion was really depressed now and the penguin said, “Well, I suppose this is going to be the moment you’re gonna start begging for your old life?” And the lion said, “Please, now is not the time to get on my last nerve.” And the penguin rolled his eyes and picked the lock with his beak and the lion and the penguin left the zoo and took the bus naked back to their apartment. But at the door, they realized they didn’t have their keys. And the lion was all ready to bash it down when the penguin turned the knob. “Oh,” said the lion. “I guess we forgot to lock it.”

Inside, the Lion leaned back on the couch and smiled while the penguin drank tea. “Well, Penguin,” he said. “I guess there really is no place like home.”

The End.

Jessica Kane