The Girl Who Wouldn’t Take A Bath

girlwho wouldn't take a bath cropped with parsnips.jpg

Once upon a time there was a girl who wouldn’t take a bath. Even her mother had to wear a clothespin over her nose to get close enough for a hug.

“Please!” her mother begged. “Please take a bath!!!”

But she wouldn’t.

In time, the smell got worse. People knew she was coming from a mile away.

Then parsnips began to grow on her arms. And mushrooms on her legs. And soon she couldn’t wear shoes ‘cause of the carrots on her feet. Finally she cried, “Ok, mama, I’m ready! I’m ready for my bath!!!”

But it was too late.

They had to hire a farmer. Who drove to their house in his combine harvester. And though the vegetables came off easily, the dirt was still so thick. “How ‘bout we hose her down,” her father asked. “Go ahead, Daddy,” the little girl cried.

Finally her mother saw a gleam, a sliver of flesh! “My baby!!!” And she ran to her muddy daughter and hugged her up tight. 

And after the last of all the mud came off, she finally took her bath. And another one every night thereafter.

The End.

Jessica Kane