Ripping Service

ripping service final.jpg

Once there was a boy who had a ripping service. His job was to rip apart everything that could rip.

Whenever his mommy got upset with him about this, he simply explained: “Mama, I have to rip. I have a ripping service.”

He ripped receipts and bags and boxes and itineraries and taxes and photographs, but his favorite thing to rip by far were library books.

His mother became especially stern about the library books. “This is where I draw the line,” she scolded. “If you don’t tape all these pages back together right now, I’ll be forced to cancel all playdates until further notice!”

“Ok mama,” the boy said. “But I’ll have to call Joe down the street first, to see if his taping service is still in business.”

And then the boy sang to his mama his favorite song: “Da da da da da da… da!” 

Jessica Kane