The Little Boy and His Friend

boyandmirror edited head change shape final fixed.jpg

Once there was a little boy who had a little friend that looked exactly like him. And one day, they were in their room together and the one boy said, “I think I smell smoke,” and the other boy agreed. Luckily, they knew what to do. They called 911 and waited outside for the helpers to arrive.

A minute later, a very loud fire truck whizzed into the driveway and as the fire fighters unfurled their hoses, one of them asked the boy if there was anyone else in the house. And that’s when the boy realized he’d left the other boy inside.

He cried when he realized this, and the firefighter gave him a hug and said, “It’s ok. We’ll get him right away!” And she carried the little boy back into the house so he could lead her to his friend. And the boy took her into his bedroom, to the mirror on the wall, and when they were standing in front of it, he cried, “There he is! Right there!” And so she took the mirror off the wall and carried them both to safety. And as the little boy hugged his friend, the firefighter told him he was a hero. And then she told his mama to make sure not to forget about the oatmeal in the pot ever again.

The End.

Jessica Kane