The Day Everyone’s Feelings Got Hurt

Once there was a little boy who asked a little girl if she wanted to play but the little girl said “no” and the little boy’s feelings got hurt.

Then another little boy asked to play with him, but because his feelings were still hurt, he didn’t even hear the question, and so this other little boy got upset and yelled, “Well, fine then. I don’t want to play with you either!”

A little while later another little girl asked the angry little boy to play but all he could say was, “Go away,” because his feelings were still hurt, and the little girl started to cry.

Then another girl walked over to comfort her, but she was so afraid this new girl was going to be mean that she cried for her mommy and this new girl got upset.

Then a little boy asked this upset little girl if she wanted to play and she thought about it and said “no” because she was afraid she might have misunderstood the question.

And so on and so forth until every little boy and every little girl in the whole wide world was upset.

Well, except for one little girl who arrived at the playground and noticed a little boy all alone and asked if he wanted to play. Because the little boy’s feelings had just been hurt by someone else, he shook his head no. But instead of getting upset, this little girl decided to do something different. She asked him a question. “Is there something wrong?” she asked the boy. “Are you upset? You look upset.” And the little boy nodded yes. And so she asked, “Do you need a friend?” And the little boy nodded yes again. And so they played and played until some other boys and girls asked if they could play too. And they said, “Yes of course you can!”

And pretty soon every boy and every girl in the whole wide world were playing together again.

The End. 

Jessica Kane
The Boy with the Heavy Suitcase
suitcase story edited gray background cropped.jpg

Once there was a little boy who carried a suitcase wherever he went. He never let it go, even though it was cumbersome and prevented him from having much fun.

One day his friend got fed up. She had tried to climb a tree with the boy but his suitcase slipped off a branch and hit her in the head. 

“Why are you always carrying that thing??” she asked. “It makes playing with you so difficult! It's always in the way!”

“I have to carry it,” he said, annoyed.

“Why? What's inside?”

The boy really didn't want to tell, but the girl was his best friend after all.

“Fine,” he said. “It's something mean someone said to me a long time ago.”

“But why do you carry it wherever you go?”

“Because I don't want anyone else to find out.”

The girl finally convinced him to open it up. And when he did, she sighed. “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” she said. “This isn't even about you! You’ve been carrying around someone else’s stuff! You have to give it back!”

So the boy packed up what he'd been carrying for so long and shipped it back to its owner with a note:

I've been carrying around something you gave me a long time ago and I realize I don't want it anymore. So I'm sending it back.

Without his suitcase, he felt better than ever. He could climb anywhere and play anything and no one got hurt or confused by his big load.

Then, a few weeks later, he received a letter:

Thank you for sending back what I gave you so long ago. I had forgotten about it. I feel badly you carried it for so long. It wasn't supposed to be for you. Someone else gave it to me and I didn't know what else to do with it. I have since returned it to its proper owner. Please accept an apology instead. I hope that will be easier to carry.

So the boy accepted the apology, which he didn't need a suitcase for, and he and his friend enjoyed the rest of their day.

The End

Jessica Kane
Thinking Cap
thinking cap final.jpg

I feel like hitting and punching.


I don’t know.

Is your thinking cap on?

My thinking cap?

Come on. You don’t know what a thinking cap is?


It’s built into your brain. 

How do you get it to work?

You just ask it to work.


Well, if you’re feeling scared, you dial it to brave. If you’re being reckless, you dial it to wise. If you’re hurting someone’s feelings, you dial it to kind.

What if you’re hungry…?

If you’re hungry?!! Then you get up and go make yourself a sandwich!!!

Jessica Kane
Peck, Peck, Peck
woodpecker on old background flattened no wing.jpg

Once upon a time, I gave a woodpecker a sandwich. He couldn’t believe it. “All our lives,”  he cried. “Pecking away at trees, giving ourselves headaches, and we could have been eating sandwiches!?” I felt so terrible, I made him some sandwiches to bring back to his family. His family had a similar reaction. But once they calmed down, they were glad to have the sandwiches. And ever since, the forest has been much more peaceful. Though I wish they could figure out how to make the sandwiches by themselves.

The End

Jessica Kane
A Story Told by Clouds
story by clouds smaller.jpg

Once there was a scared little girl who was running from a bad guy and she turned into a fish so she could swim away faster and then she turned into a crown that had no head to sit upon and a dragon floated by and wanted to wear the crown but the crown said, “Sorry too big for your head,” and the crown turned into a bat and flew away towards a mouth with a long pony tail that was hungry as a fox, but the mouth was too far away to chomp anything so his choppers left his face and chomped a bit more before turning into the little girl again except she was an old woman now and she was so tired so she found a fluffy pillow and went to sleep.

Jessica Kane
The Greatest Show
clown final.jpg

 Have you ever seen a clown riding a unicycle into the woods? I never did. Until today. And I was curious. So I followed him. At a safe distance. And I watched him stop at a clearing and take out all his clown gear. His juggling balls. His rabbit in a hat. His cards.

His audience arrived moments later. About 12 or 13 forest animals who gathered around to watch. And just like that, his act began. Right in the sparkly snow. And this clown gave everything he had. What a show! The animals didn’t clap or laugh but they didn’t run away either.

And when his show was over, he smiled and bowed and hopped back onto his unicycle and rode it back out to the street.

The End.

Jessica Kane
Feed it to the Worms
wormies fixed lighter.jpg

If you ever get scared, or mean, and you wonder if maybe you’re not such a good or brave kid after all… I’ll tell you what you do. Take those feelings and feed ‘em to the wormies.

“Did you say wormies?”

Yes, I did. Did you know, no matter where you are, underneath you, there’s a world of wormies?

Even if you’re on the top of a skyscraper or on an airplane, way down under the ground, the wormies are there. And they’re hungry. And you know what they like to eat best? All your bad feelings. Tastes just like pizza to them. Yup. Even the ones that make you want to bite your mom, or make you wanna throw your toys, or make you wake up crying in the middle of the night.

Just gather them all up and toss ‘em all down. The wormies’ll thank you. They thank me all the time!

Jessica Kane
He Carried His Love on the Top of His Head
love on top of head torso only final again.jpg

There was once a man who carried his love on the top his head. For the most part there were no problems. But sometimes if he wasn’t paying attention, his love would fall off.  And in those moments, when his love was lost, he was not so nice to be around. He’d get down on his hands and knees and yell at everyone, “Get out of my way! I’m looking for my love! Don’t touch it or I’ll destroy you!” But as soon as he found it, and placed it back on the top of his head, he was himself again. 

Jessica Kane
Enough Love For Everyone
mom and son hugging edited.jpg

I don’t love myself.

Why not?

I only love you.

Well, what if I love you with the love you give me? Then you’ll get to feel what your own love feels like!


Do you feel your love yet?

Yes! Thank you. But what about you? Now you don’t feel loved…

Yes I do! There must have been extra.

But how do we know whose love we’re feeling?

I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t matter.

Maybe you’re right.

Jessica Kane
The Land of the Grown-Ups that Never Grew Up
stunted grown ups smaller flattened all jars flattened.jpg

I went on a field trip to this land where grown ups never grow up. They still look big and hairy and they run banks and drive cars and make phone calls but trust me, nothing else about them is normal.

As soon as we got there, 10 or 15 of them surrounded the bus. They were climbing through the windows and shouting, “What did you bring us??!!”

My teacher smiled politely and told our class to get in a single file line and we headed into town.

We visited the gift shop and the owner was having a meltdown at the counter. He was pulling his hair and crying because we were touching his merchandise.

“Don’t touch that candy,” he kept yelling.

“But I was going to buy some,” I said.

“It’s mine,” he cried. “NOT YOURS!”

“But… I thought this was a store!”

He stomped his foot and another grown up ran out full force and I thought she was going to straighten this whole mess out but instead she tried to bite me. “Stay away from my friend or I’ll cage you!”

“But... I was just trying to buy some candy!”

“Stop talking!” she screamed, and then she put her fingers deep in her ears.

That’s when my teacher whispered to me, “Don’t forget, sweetie. We’re in the Land where grown-ups never grow up.”

“Oh yeah!” I said, and I laughed.

When it was time to head back to school, a bunch of the stunted grown ups wouldn’t get off our bus. A few of them were pretending to steer the wheel and one was smearing the bus driver’s face with what might have been paint.

My teacher didn’t know what to do.

Thankfully, I had some pennies in my pocket so I said, “Hey guys! Who wants a penny?” They all raised their hands and shouted, “Me me me!” And so I tossed the pennies out the bus door and as soon as the grown-ups ran for them, our bus driver stepped on it, and we zoomed home.

“I don’t think I ever want to go there again,” I said to my friend.

“That makes two of us,” he said.

The End.

Jessica Kane
Mean Red
mean red no castle.jpg

My name is Redmond but everyone calls me Mean Red because I’m mean. I heard a couple people whispering about me the other day. They were wondering why I’m so mean. And it got me thinking. I’ve known for a while that I’m good at being mean because I make a lot of kids cry. But I never really thought about how I got this way. So I thought about it and remembered.

See, I wasn’t always mean. I used to be real friendly. But then something happened.

One afternoon, my mom took me to a playground. And while she was on her phone, I introduced myself to these four kids and asked if they wanted to be my friend. But they told me I wasn’t big enough to be their friend.

I tried to show them that I was a big kid. I even showed them my best summersault. But they laughed at me, and one of them told me their brother could do the same thing when he was one.

So I said ok, and I showed them how I could do the monkey bars. But I was so nervous I fell down. And when I started to cry, they laughed at me again and walked away together leaving me on the ground all by myself.

And it was at that moment, I decided never to be nice to anyone again. And I came up with this idea, that I would be the mean one first. That way, no one would ever get the chance to be mean to me, ‘cause I’d beat them to it. And it worked. No one’s been mean to me since. But that was two years ago. And I still don’t have any friends. And I wish I did have a friend. Someone to be nice to. Someone who might want to build a tunnel with me at the sandbox sometime.

So if you’re reading this, and you see me all alone on the playground, don’t be afraid. Now you know I was only mean because I was afraid you wouldn’t want to be my friend. So if you still want to be my friend, just let me know. And I promise I’ll be a good one.

The End.

Jessica Kane
The Ant in the Sandwich Shop
ant in salad flat final.jpg

There was this ant. And he was in line to get a sandwich. It was a big line. But the ant had a big voice. So when the kid behind him tried to squash him, he yelled, “Hey kid, can’t an ant get a sandwich around here without being harassed?”

At the last minute, he wound up ordering a salad because he figured it’d be healthier. And just as he was pouring on the vinaigrette, a lady passing by screamed, “There’s an ant in that salad!!!” And the ant yelled at her. He said, “Lady, why are you screaming at me? You think just because you’ve seen a few ants in your life that we’re all the same? Come on. Get with a new program.”

And the lady realized the ant was a customer just like she was. And she said she was sorry. And she promised never to squash another ant ever again. And the ant finished his meal in peace.

The End.

Jessica Kane
Was Angry Pirate
angry pirate final 2018 again.jpg

Hi, this is a nice ship, can I come aboard?

My first name is Angry and my last name is Pirate!!!!!

Oh, Hello! Nice to meet you Angry Pirate!

No it’s not. I told you my name to let you know I’m not in the mood for friends. That means, don’t ever talk to me again, ok Matey?

Do you have any toys on your ship?

Arrrrg. Do you have glue in your ears? Didn’t I just say no talking?

I just really want to know if you have any toys.

One more sound out of your smacker and I’ll have you walk the plank. Do you hear me?

What are you so angry about?

I’m warning you, Matey. My name is Angry Pirate and that’s all you need to know.

I bet I know what happened.

I bet you don’t.

I bet someone took your toy.

What… did… you just say to me???

I said… I bet someone took your toy and that’s why you’re so angry. But I have toys, and I’ll share them with you if you let me!

Did you just say you’ll share your toys… with me?  You would do that, Matey?

Why not?

I’ve been waiting 45 years for someone to share their toys with me...

That’s a long time.

Come on in, Matey. But watch your step on this plank, there’s alligators down there!!

Wow, you don’t seem so angry anymore.

Ha! You know, you’re right, Matey! I think I’m going to change my first name to Was!

Was Angry Pirate?

That’s right!

Well, it’s nice to meet you, Was.

You too, Matey!

Jessica Kane
The Reluctant Rescuer

There was a boy who climbed up a really giant haystack, but while he was getting to the top, a volcano erupted, and a piece of the volcano landed on the haystack and it caught on fire. The boy was so scared he called 911.

Rescuer Brautigan Zeus answered with a yawn. “What’s your emergency?”

The boy explained his situation in a panic. “Please, can you help me? The fire is getting closer!”

Brautigan yawned again. “I’m not sure. I was sleeping.”

“You were sleeping? But...” The boy started crying, in even more of a panic. “I thought you were a rescuer! You’re Brautigan Zeus, right?”

“Yes, yes.”

“But the fire is getting closer!”

“Fine, fine. I’ll come.”

“Will you be driving your super jet race car?”

“No. It’s in the shop.”

“Your rocket ship?”

“It’s out of fuel.”

“But… How will you get here? Your fire truck?!”

“The ladder is broken. I guess I’ll have to walk.”

Walk???  But by the time you get here, it’ll be too late! What am I supposed to do?

Brautigan Zeus rolled his eyes. “I’m not sure.”

The boy was now crying and screaming. “Please help me! The fire… It’s getting so hot!!”

“Ok, ok. Don’t get all upset. I’ve got another vehicle. I’ll come… if… you please stop all that fussing.”

“Ok. I’m sorry.”

And so Brautigan Zeus got out of bed and placed his propeller hat upon his head and at the speed of light, flew to the boy just in time, lassoed him up and brought him back to his mother.

“There, are you happy?” he asked the boy.

“Yes!!! Thank you for the rescue, Brautigan Zeus! You’re my hero!”

“You’re welcome. Now, I’m going back to bed, so please don’t get into any more monkey business.”

“Ok,” the boy yelled.

And Brautigan Zeus propelled back up into the sky and then back into his bed.

The End.

Jessica Kane
The Kind King
dragon and puppy edited 2018.jpg

So there was this dragon and he was trying to break into my castle to steal my treasure, so naturally, I stuck him in my dungeon, and he started crying. Not like my other prisoners, though. This dragon kept crying and saying the words, “My dog!!! my dog!!”

“What about your dog,” I finally yelled down.

“Who’s gonna feed my dog?”

“Dragons have pets?”

He nodded yes and kept on and on with the crying and the drooling so finally I said, “Ok ok, give me your address and I’ll fetch your gosh-forsaken dog.”

So I took my horse and buggy to Dragon Avenue to the last house on the block and sure enough when I finally managed to open the giant green door, I see this tiny regular-sized dog crying his eyes out. So I bundled him up and brought him back to the castle and stuck him down in the dungeon with the dragon and they must have hugged each other for three thousand hours. And every night since, I lower two bowls of food down there. And they seem much happier.

The End.

Jessica Kane
The Boy Who Was Afraid To Cry
the boy who was afraid to cry merged fixed 2018.jpg

Once there was a boy who got really upset but he couldn’t figure out a good time to cry. And then, he forgot he even had to cry. His tears knew, though. And they kept trying to get out. Even when the boy was happy, these tears would try to get out. And the boy was always nervous.

He didn’t want to listen to sad music. Or when people said they loved him. In fact, it was only when he was mean, that he wouldn’t get the feeling like he had to cry. And so people started leaving him alone. Which got him upset all over again.

Before long, he had so many tears stuck inside, that he could hardly get around.

And then there was a geyser.

Out of nowhere, just walking through the grocery store, it burst out of his eyes and even out of his mouth and ears.

And all the people who saw, stopped and watched as everything he was sad about finally leaked all over the place: the time his mom and dad yelled at each other, the time his grandma got sent back to heaven, the time his favorite toy broke, the time nobody wanted him on their team… on and on. And everyone was so sad with the boy, they all started crying together.

They cried and they cried until all of their tears nearly flooded the world.

And then, all they had left was peace.

And all they had to figure out was what to do next…

Jessica Kane
The Scary Ghost

There was once a ghost that wouldn’t stop scaring a little boy. Everywhere the boy went, the ghost followed yelling, “Oooooooooohhhh! Oooooooooohhhh! Oooooooohh!”

At first the little boy was scared. Really scared. But after awhile, he got pretty tired of seeing this glowing white bully all the time. So one day, he said to the ghost, “Ok, enough is enough. Take off your smock and show yourself!!”

The ghost was startled. “Ooooh,” he yelled, trying to scare the boy away. But the little boy stood his ground. “I said, show yourself! Right now!!!” And so the ghost took off his white scary ghost garb and the boy stared with wide eyes at what was underneath. Which was Nothing. Not a single solitary thing.

“So, let me get this straight,” said the boy. “Without all that malarkey, you’re just Nothing?”

The ghost nodded his invisible head.

“I can’t see you, remember? So speak up!”

“Yes, yes, it’s true,” said the ghost. “Without my ghost garb, I’m… Nothing!” Then the ghost started to cry.

“You’re sure upset,” said the little boy. “It’s ok to be upset sometimes. So I’m gonna give you 15 more seconds to get it all out and then we’re gonna buck up and fix this together, all right?” The ghost nodded his invisible head again and in 15 seconds, he stopped crying.

By this time, the boy had already gone to his closet and come back with a new outfit for the ghost. “Here,” he said, dangling the shirt and pants. “See if these fit.” In a few minutes, the ghost was all dressed. He still didn’t have a body, but at least he was a little more recognizable. “Thanks,” the ghost said. “Now,” said the boy. “You need a face.”

So the boy went to his art supply bin and grabbed some paint. “You want to be happy?” “Yeah,” said the ghost. And so the boy gave him a big smile. And then some arms and legs.

“Now you just need a name. How about Gary?” “I like Gary,” said the ghost. “Looks like you’re feeling better already,” said the boy. “Yeah. A lot better,” said the ghost. “Good. Now let’s go outside and play.” And they did.

The End.

Jessica Kane