Liner Notes


All stories written, performed, produced, and illustrated
by Jessica Laurel Kane.

Dedicated to Brautigan Zeus, my baby boy, the love of my life.
And in memory of my dearest mother, Eliza Kane.

An extra special thank you to all the generous people who made this project possible: 

Chris Flugmacher, Gary and Sandi Freeman, Archbishop Harry J. Flynn, Richard Zuschlag, Jeff Lonigro and Lisa McInnis Lonigro and Penelope and Willow, Ian MacKenzie, Sam Shaffer. Elisa Todd Ellis, Bryce Goggin, and Mac Premo. Lane Steinberg, Irwin Chusid, Yvan Stauffer, Jeffry Piciullo, Jeremy Wechsler, Michael Levin, Janine Kelly, Bryan Gaffin, Christopher Rael, and Chris Werle. 

A special thank you to:

 Andrew Siegal, Kenny and Gwenny Siegal, Andrew Santarsiero, Melanie Neureuther Houck, Erin Gadjo, Kim Ballerini, James Morel, Minna Taylor, Kal Mansoor, Scott Janes, Greg Dember, Carol Pines, Randi Cecchine, Mary Maschal, Cody Kraus, and everyone from Four Seasons Natural Foods.

And thank you to everyone else who supported this project via Kickstarter: 

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