“I am enjoying this book so much. Author and Illustrator Jessica Laurel Kane created the collection, from stories she would tell her son on the drive to and from school. Some of the stories are funny, serious, quirky...you never know. We love short stories, because it s like a buffet of reading! There is one called, Snail Race. It says, You know what s the worst job in the whole world? Worse than cleaning your room? Being a judge at the snail races. I ve been sitting here 14 days.”

-dream reader kids

“This book is SO helpful for gentle parenting - and gentle being-a-person-in-the-world. Many stories about just understanding people better, understanding your kids better, understanding yourself better. In really easy-to-get metaphors, with cute pictures. I am loving reading this with my kids. And it's funny, too - not so touchy-feely that they don't get a kick out of the humor and silliness. It's really one of my favorite books ever. Highly recommend!”

-K. Austin

“. . . The 50+ stories in this hit the right note for entertaining adults and kids. The writing is deceptively simple, ridiculous but astute, like Shel Silverstein meets Richard Brautigan. You're guaranteed to find some you and your child will return to, again and again and. . .”

-A. Blackman

“This is the latest from this cool and funny author.
All I can say is my kids were rolling with laughter and happiness.
Let your kids be judge.
Worth the buy!!!”


“Love this collection of silly but oh so smart short stories. My son loves reading them over and over again.”

M. Flouton