“I've been waiting eagerly for this book to arrive and I'm thrilled to say, it was worth the wait! I am in absolute awe of the author/illustrator (Jessica Laurel Kane) who created this unique picture book for children and adults alike. At its heart , this picture book is a celebration of empathy and understanding for all the different kinds of people who live in our world and in our very own hearts. The book explores emotions such as happiness, sensitivity, bravery and more, in a simple and yet profound way. It's a great starting point for children to understand the variety of emotions we feel and encourages acceptance for all the kinds of hearts that exist around us and inside us. The books heart concept is perfectly represented by such whimsical illustrations. I would highly recommend A Book of Hearts and it would make the most wonderful gift to a loved one!”

-Believe in Books

“A Book of Hearts is so sweet! It shares every kind of heart you could possibly think of. A helping heart goes out of its way to make things easier to handle. A comedian heart is happiest making people laugh. A curious heart is always interested in others. There is a corresponding picture, to show each type of heart. They are so cute and often funny. This book is a great way to explain to kids how they can show love in so many different ways. It would also be a great replacement for an I Love You card. This book is written and illustrated, by the ultra-talented Jessica Laurel Kane! You must check out her page and website.”

-dream reader kids

“This is wonderful for understanding people as well as understanding children... and yourself. I found myself flipping through the pages wondering what kind of heart I am. And it makes me want to be a better one. This is a great book. Highly recommend!”

-K. Austin


“i bought this for my nephews, ages 2 and 4. They love it and keepasking to read it again and again. I'm sure they will get even more out of it as they grow older. Sure to be a favorite.”



“A Book of Hearts has captured my 5 year old's heart. It's up there with In My Heart: A Book of Feelings for showing children the variety of moods they'll experience.”

-A.   Blackman