“The story is about a girl who suffers from unpleasant thoughts stuck in her brain since she was very little, and how she finally overcomes this problem. 
The book deals with sadness but it has a humorous side I like a lot, it is very entertaining. 
What stands out is how true and honest this book is. One can really feel this is coming from the author's heart and experience. 
It is impressive how good Jessica is at both writing and illustrating - she is able to create a unique, crystal clean style and really immerse the reader in her imagination.
I'd say this is more than a children's book, it's an authors piece of art - aesthetic, poetic and universal - a world to dive in, for both adults and children. A rare precious thing! I definitely recommend it!”

-Mina Anguelova, Children’s Best Book Reviews

"An incredibly simple and easy to follow book with a powerful message. The book is sure to prompt an honest discussion with your kids about their long held negative thoughts, fears and predicaments. Perfect for kids of all ages"

-Anitha R