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The Hero that Nobody Needed

Once there was a man who really wanted to be a hero, so he set out looking for who to help first. “Ah ha! Here is a fine person in need of my assistance!” Several feet away, an old woman was preparing to cross the street but before she could, he grabbed her tight. “Don’t worry, Madam,” he exclaimed, carrying her in his arms, “I’m here to help!”

The woman yelled for him to let go, but the man only heard what he wanted. “No need to thank me,” he replied, holding on tighter. “It’s my purpose to help others!”

As the woman explained her emergency to 911, the man assumed she was sharing his bravery with the local news station. And moments later, as the police arrived, the man gave his best smile in case any television cameras happened to be rolling. 

When the police explained they were taking him to the station, he chuckled, never imagining such a grand escort to the television station.

And it wasn’t until they placed him in jail that he became confused. “What am I doing here?” he cried. “I thought I was a hero!” “Nobody asked for a hero,” the officer replied. “Everyone was doing fine.” And after that, the man decided to come up with a new purpose.

The End.