The Tea Party is a picture book/memoir I’m presently working on, about a little girl who wants to have a tea party with her mother who is always very busy. The little girl eventually grows into a busy mother herself, and is one day invited to a tea party by her own little girl.

available some time this Fall, 2019.

Suitable for children 13+ and adults 

tea party 1 final fixed phone.jpg

Once, there was a little girl who wanted to have tea with her mommy. But her mommy was very busy. “As soon as I’m done with my grown-up work, I would love to have tea with you!” But it seemed her grown-up work was never done.

In time, the little girl came up with an idea: Maybe if I set up a tea party, my mommy will think it’s so special, she will want to stop her work to have tea with me!

tea party 2 final.jpg

So the little girl began setting up the most beautiful tea party. She could picture the whole thing in her mind: she and her mommy would sit at the table she designed, and she would pour the most delicious tea into perfect cups, and they would sip and talk together, and it would be the best time ever! It took a very long time, but finally, her tea party was ready.

tea party 3 invitation final.jpg

Her mommy was on the phone again when the little girl extended a hand-drawn invitation. Her mommy covered up the talking end of her phone to whisper to her daughter, “How wonderful, darling! What a beautiful invitation! I am so proud of you! I have to finish this important call, but I’ll be there very soon!”